Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

1909 Statistics

A. Adelskalender complete (to our best knowledge) after the 1909 season:

B. World records after the 1909 season.

C. Distance statistics:

D. Lowland world records after the 1909 season:

E. Complete lowland adelskalender after the 1909 season:

F. Lowland distance statistics:

G. Uni-Koeln anno 1909:

Here are my votes. What are yours?

Best skater from:
Austria: Thomas Bohrer
Britain: Fred Dix
Canada: Ownie Bush
Denmark: Ejnar Sørensen
Finland: Arne Schrey
France: Charles Sabouret
Germany: Alfred Lauenburg
Hungary: Miltiades Mannó
Netherlands: Sijbrand Koning
Norway: Oscar Mathisen
Russia: Jevgenij Burnov
Sweden: Moje Öholm
Switzerland: Walther Linke
USA: Edmund Lamy

Best male allrounder: Oscar Mathisen
Best male sprinter: Ownie Bush
Best female sprinter and allrounder: M. Naudin
Best junior: Otto Andersson
Best hurdler: Fred Robson
Best backward skater: Russell Wheeler

Break-through of the year: Jevgenij Burnov
Come-back of the year: Jussi Wiinikainen
Biggest surprise: Burnov attacking the Eden record
Biggest disappointment: Finnish skating overall
Most unlucky skater: Well, at least Thomas Bohrer was unlucky to lose the European Championship when he was best in samalog points.
Wednesday skater: Moje Öholm
Most feared farewell: Franz F Wathén

Best coach: ---open
Best team: ---even more open
Best event: WCh Frogner
Duel of the year: Mathisen and Steen, 500 m at the World Championship
Best race: Burnov 8.45,0
Best venue: Frogner Stadion
Scandal of the year: in Davos where the Ice Club made the skaters skate the 5000m one lap too many, thus ensuring the survival of Eden’s record for at least two more years. His finishing time at 557.6 seconds at 5400 m implies about 8.36,5, that is, better than the time he skated there 5 years later.

Skater of the year: Oscar Mathisen