Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

A 100 years ago today, the Minister President of Egypt, Boutros Ghali, was assassinated by the young pharmacology student Ibrahim Nassif al-Wardani for his role in the Denshawai incident. Ghali by no means was so famous as his grandson, and in Kristiania this news went largely unheeded. There the international skating meet continued, but just like 50 years later they could just as well have invited to a swimming meet instead. The rain poured down in torrents, and at the Frogner rink, Zakken set in teams with fishing nets to try and draw off the water. In spite of the weather, 5000 people gathered to watch the spectacle, starting at 1 o’clock, but the promised visit from the king and queen was cancelled.

For the home favourite Oscar Mathisen his hopes for a comprehensive win in his favourite distance, the 1500m, ended with a fall only a few strokes from the start. Soaked to the bones he got up and finished in 3 minutes flat, only enough for 6th place. The distance was won by Henning Olsen in 2.53.3.


1.Henning Olsen    2.53.3
2.Magnus Johansen  2.54.4
3.Martin Sæterhaug 2.55.2
4.Sigurd Mathisen  2.57.2
5.Jacob Frang      2.58.2
6.Oscar Mathisen   3.00.0f
7.Jevgenij Burnov  3.00.5
8.Trygve Lundgreen 3.01.0
9.Ejnar Sørensen and
Bjarne Frang       3.02.2
11,Olaf Hansen     3.06.0

1.J Frang     7
2.O Mathisen,
Johansen and
Olsen        10
5.Burnov     13
6.Lundgreen  14
7.Hansen     20

In the 5000m, Ejnar Sørensen, Sigurd Mathisen and Jacob Frang all fell. The Dane gave up, but Frang went on in an attempt to protect his overall lead. Sigurd fell in the northern curve where the water was particularly deep. He went splash on his belly, and in the hilarity of it all stayed down to demonstrate a fine breaststroke technique, greatly appreciated by the audience. Burnov apparently according to the report skated late, his skates cutting deeply through the slushy ice. And characteristically, just like the other distances, the fourth one was won by yet a different skater, who happened also to steal the overall victory from Oscar.


1.Johansen   10.18.0
2.O Mathisen 10.23.8
3.Olsen      10.25.9
4.Burnov     10.36.8
5.Lundgreen  10.37.4
6.Hansen     10.51.0
7.J Frang    10.52.0f
8.Sæterhaug  11.06.6
Sørensen dnf
S Mathisen dnf

1.Johansen   11
2.O Mathisen 12
3.Olsen      13
4.J Frang    14
5.Burnov     17
6.Lundgreen  19
7.Hansen     26

Thus the invincibility of Oscar Mathisen, the darling of the nation, seemed to take a blow or two. Still he was entrusted with the task of defending the glory of his country at the European Championship, now relocated to Viborg, and the World Championship in Helsingfors. To accompany him the club selected Henning Olsen, but as he was otherwise tied up, they sent another upcoming young skater instead, Magnus Johansen. And the Trønders sent Sæterhaug to represent them.

We can include the Russian Championship as well, since Burnov has done us the service of dating it for us. It comprised three distances, and they were arranged either on the same day or over two days, this we do not know.

1.Nikolaj Strunnikov 47.2 pb
2.I Judajev          51.0 pb
3.Nikolaj Khorkov    52.0 pb
4.Nikita Najdenov    52.4 pb

1.Strunnikov 2.33.6 pb
2.Najdenov   2.41.4 pb
3.Khorkov    2.41.6 pb
4.Judajev    2.42.4 pb

1.Strunnikov 9.17.4
2.Khorkov    9.21.2 pb
3.Najdenov   9.41.4 pb

With his new pbs, Strunnikov climbed 12 places, up till 17th in Adelskalenderen. Perhaps he will yet prove dangerous.