Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

Statistics 1916

A. Top 400 Adelskalender after the 1916 season

B. World records after the 1916 season

C. Distance statistics

D. Lowland records after the 1916 season

E. Top 400 lowland Adelskalender after the 1916 season

F. Distance statistics lowland

G. Uni-Koeln anno 1916:

Here are my votes. What are yours?

Best skater from:
Austria: Heinrich Weidinger
Canada: Harry Cody
Estonia: Arthur Kukk
Finland: Clas Thunberg
France: J. Werner Björk
Norway: Oscar Mathisen
Russia: Platon Ippolitov
Sweden: Paul Zerling
USA: Anton O’Sickey

Best male allrounder: Oscar Mathisen
Best male sprinter: Oscar Mathisen
Beste male long distance skater: Waldemar Bergström
Best junior: Oskar Olsen

Break-through of the year: Clas Thunberg
Comeback of the year: Henning Olsen
Biggest surprise: Frithjof Paulsen
Biggest disappointment: Sverre Aune
Unluckiest skater: Henning Olsen
Wednesday skater: all
Most feared farewell: Bislett

Best trainer: ---no comment
Best team: KSK
Best event: the (inter)national meet at Frogner on Jan. 22 and 23
Duel of the year: Skutnabb-Bergström in the 10000m at the Finnish Championship on January 30
Best race 8.36,3
Best rink: Frogner stadion
Scandal of the year: the selection of the Helsinki team for the Nordic Club Match not including the winner of the selection races, Clas Thunberg.

Skater of the year: Oscar Mathisen