Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

TSK cheated

A hundred years ago today, Oscar Mathisen was having a weekend off after a lot of tiresome travelling and strenuous skating. No doubt he relished giving his swollen face some time to heal after its adventure with the iron post in Davos, and Trondhjems Skøiteklub, the organisers of this weekend’s meet somewhat grudgingly had to accept his brother and their own Martin Sæterhaug as the main guests at their welcome party.

But neither of them were to play the main role in this Saturday’s 5000 m, skated under somewhat suboptimal, but not extreme weather conditions, as the promising Finnekamp-debutant Magnus Johansen won it in 9.23,2. Full results:

1.Magnus Johansen.KSK 9.23,2
2.Sigurd Mathisen.KSK 9.25,0
3.Martin Sæterhaug.TSK 9.28,2
4.John Røst.TSK 9.28,4
5.Thorleif Torgersen.DIF 9.44,2
6.Rudolf Røhne.KSK 9.49,8
7.Wictor Stoppenbrink.TSK 9.56,0
8.Oluf Jacobsen.TSK 9.57,2
9.Sverre Andersen.TSK 10.00,4
10.Kristian Fyhn.TSK 10.19,4
11.Frithjof Hansen.TSK 10.19,6
12.Axel Skogstad.TSK 10.23,8
Einar Hansen.TSK and
Stabo Hagerup.TSK gave up

In Stockholm David Eriksson won the two first distances of a meet that was not well attended by top skaters, and probably not well attended by spectators either. Some results:

500 m
1.David Eriksson 51,8
2.Wilhelm Berglund 52,8
3.Åke Eklund 53,8
4.F Johansson 55,8
5.Alexis Ekström 56,6

5000 m
1.Eriksson 10.46,8
2.Carl-August Elfversson 10.55,4