Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

To Davos!

One hundred years ago today the Norwegian skating team switched trains in the middle of the night at Innsbruck after calling at Villach, Badgastein and Zell am See, and embarked on the famous Arlberg line, a masterpiece of Fin de Siècle craftmanship with a lot of tunnels, bridges and anti-avalanche means, operative throughout the winter and the only communication means in this region when roads were closed, which they often were this time of year. When the train stopped around noon at Davos, the Norwegians were (not unlikely) picked up at the station and guided to Hotel Central (www.central-davos.ch) where rooms had been held ready for them.

The European champion Öholm did not leave so early. He probably celebrated late and didn’t leave for Davos until a 100 years ago today, like most of the skaters. He had good reason to celebrate of course, but did so in moderation. After all, he had another championship to win. And after all, he expected scores of other Swedish speedskaters to win and defend their championships in the not too distant future.