Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

Wet snow in Kristiania

A hundred years ago today, Kristiania had lain under a spell of endless avalanches of wet snow for days when the international races at Frogner started on Saturday, Feb 29th. The meet was very competitive, with most of the top skaters from the international championships down in the depths of Europe appearing, including Öholm, Wiklund, Vikander, Schilling and the best of the Norwegian skaters, except the Trønders, who still no doubt were infuriated with Oscar’s absence from their meet last weekend.

The rink looked very uninviting and neither did the ice invite any top times when the races started. No-one had yet skated under 10 minutes when Oscar met Wiklund in the 5000 m. The home favourite took the lead under avalanches of applause from the numerous audience, and increased it steadily towards the end. When the times were announced, they turned out to be the two best ones of the day.

1.Oscar Mathisen      9.51,2
2.Antti Wiklund      10.06,2
3.Mauritz Öholm      10.11,5
4.Sigurd Mathisen    10.12,6
5.Magnus Johansen    10.17,2
6.Johan Vikander     10.21,4
7.Konrad Andresen    10.23,4
8.Thorleif Torgersen 10.25,2
9.Harald Monsen      10.47,2
10.Anders Bjørndal   11.03,4
11.Franz Schilling   11.23,2