Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

Finnepokalen won!

The Finnepokal meet continued a hundred years ago today in the same magnificent weather as the day before. Unfortunately I do not have any particulars except those that can be deduced from the few known results that are known. We can assume that the 500m pairs were composed as follows: Oscar Mathisen-Schrey, Johansen-Wathén, Sigurd Mathisen-Wickström, and Andersen-Vikander. The times of Andersen and Wathén are not known, but they must have been poorer than 48,9 and 48,4 respectively. Magnus Johansen could have been beaten by Wathén, and Andersen was beaten by Vikander. But the world record holder’s time, 48,4, was disappointing. Then the Mathisen brothers both had intense duels with their pairmates. Sigurd had his hands full with the newcomer Wickström, and beat him narrowly by two fifths. Oscar had been unbeatable at this distancec so far this season, but now, he, too, met with resolute resistance from his pairmate. Only barely he managed to squeeze in front towards the end. Schrey beat his pb from Davos with 46,2. Only the Mathisen brothers had skated faster on lowland rinks before.

1.Oscar Mathisen  45,8
2.Arne Schrey     46,2 pb
3.Sigurd Mathisen 46,8
4.VŠinö Wickström 47,2 pb
5.Johan Vikander  48,4
6.Magnus Johansen 48,9

Points: Norway-Finland 10-11, total 18-24.

If Schrey and Wickström had beaten their Mathisen brothers, the match would still have been open. As it was, the position now was hopeless for the home team. The Mathisen brothers probably had the same pairmates in the final distance as in ithe 500m. But by now the Finns had given up and offered little resistance. Sigurd even beat Schrey this time, and secured a double win for the Kristiania club. And Oscar finished in 2.28,8, the first race under 2.30 on Finnish ice. (Schrey had skated 2.30,0 a few weeks earlier.)

1.Oscar Mathisen  2.28,8
2.Sigurd Mathisen 2.31,8 lpb
3.Arne Schrey     2.32,4
4.VŠinö Wickström 2.33,0 pb
5.Magnus Johansen 2.34,6
6.Johan Vikander  2.37,0

Points: Norway-Finland 8-13, total 26-37.

Thus the 2nd Finnepokal went to KSK. The winning team no doubt received hearty congratulations from their Finnish friends before going home with the cup to a celebration of their own, in no small scale.