Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

A 100 years ago today, Montreal Wanderers defended the Stanley Cup by beating Berlin Dutchmen from Berlin, Ontario (understandably[?] renamed to Kitchener in 1916) by 7-3 in the final. Also, Florence Lawrence became the first movie star when she was acquired from Biograph Studios by Independent Moving Pictures, who discontinued the established practice at the time of keeping actor names secret when they published her name following the transfer.

When Oscar Mathisen and his teammates arrived from Helsingfors at 10:30 on Wednesday, the fermenting already had started. These defeats at Viborg and Helsingfors looked so needless and unfair. And although such things as team tactics were regarded as somewhat distasteful or even dishonest, one couldn’t help feeling that it could have been handled better. Having the weather and speedy Russians against you is bad enough without your own teammates stumbling in your path as well.

Neither did the city’s and the whole nation’s young darling get much opportunity to rest after his depressing defeats. Already two days afterwards he was on his way to Trondhjem, where the Tønders were scheduled to admire the national team, minus Magnus Johansen, who had announced a hour race world record attempt at Frogner. However, in Trøndelag the weather was dismal like it had been for most of the season, with thaw and rain. The home favourite Sæterhaug won the 5000 meter in 10.39,8. Oscar used over 11 minutes, feeling defeated before he’d even started.


1.Martin Sæterhaug 10.39,8
2.Oscar Mathisen   11.17,8
3.Jacob Frang      11.21,8
4.Oluf Steen       11.31,8
Sigurd Mathisen brutt