Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

Races in Helsingfors

A hundred years ago today the season was not over, although the Norwegians were taking it off. It continued with international races in Helsingfors, where the ice conditions were much better than in Kristiania the weekend before.

The 5000 m was probably skated on Saturday, that is, 100 years ago yesterday. It had the following known results:

1.Gunnar Strömstén 9.11,6
2.Arne Schrey      9.13,4
3.Mauritz Öholm    9.15,0
4.Johan Vikander   9.17,4

If you have more, please tell.

The races continued a 100 years ago today, with the 500 m:

1.Vikander       48,1
2.Jef Baltanen   48,2
3.Franz F Wathén 48,3

Then followed a 1500 m:

1.Vikander 2.35,2
2.Öholm    2.35,4
3.Wathén   2.36,6

This probably means that Vikander was the meet winner, since he had two distance wins. Hard to tell though with only these lists as my sources. Before next season I should probably do some more research. I have enjoyed writing the moment it “happened” a hundred years ago. But I have to admit it can be done better with more research.