Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary


A hundred years ago today, TSK arranged opening races at Øen stadion. While the Mathisen brothers were choo-chooing through Europe (probably they had arrived at Budapest already), Sæterhaug, their travelling companion from last year, had returned to his hometown and dominated the meet along with Oluf Steen. The climax of the meet no doubt was their pair in the 500m, where the strong long distance racer Steen refused to yield a meter to his speedy pairmate. In the end, he won the pair, and bystanders with watches realised that the national record was endangered again. The time was 46,2, with Martin one fifth behind. A new pb for Steen, and with this he advanced all the way up to 7th place in the lowland adelskalender.

A fine reply to the challenge from that wild youngster down in Kristiania, and the Trønders knew that they would make an impact down there when the time came for the World Championship, with cheaper railway tickets. Afterwards the two of them skated a close and smug pair in the 5000, again won by Steen at 9.10,6, while Sæterhaug improved his lowland pb to 9.11,8.

In the youngest class, the 14 years old Gabriel Tallaksen skated a 1000m in 1.51,8—evidently a new great Trøndish talent.