Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary


Mathisen and SæterhaugThe 5000m results from the day before ensured that Oscar Mathisen and Martin Sæterhaug would meet on both distances in the national meet at Trondhjem Stadion a hundred years ago today as well. In the 500m, Oscar started in the outer lane and gained a slight lead in the first straight. Here, a photographer stood ready to shoot them with the club house in the background. The result you see here to the right. On the back straight, Oscar took the advantage of his opponent’s slipstream, and powered home to a win in a new track record time of 46,0, with Sæterhaug 4 fifths behind.

1.Oscar Mathisen   46,0 tr
2.Martin Sæterhaug 46,8
3.Oluf Steen       47,0
4.Magnus Johansen  49,0
5.Harald Monsen    49,4
6.Sivert Sjøvold   50,0 pb
7.Oluf Jacobsen    51,8
H Alstad fell, dnf

1.Mathisen   2
2.Sæterhaug  4
3.Steen      7
Johansen     7
5.Monsen    10
6.Jacobsen  12

(I am guessing that) Sæterhaug drew the last inner in the 1500m, and he (probably) skated aggressively from the start, as was his habit when he was up to it. The thunderous roar from his 5000 fellow Trønders on the stands as he actually took the lead over the world champion and world record holder spurred him on strongly, and when the last lap began, and the crowd could see that he still had the advantage down the back straight, they let out a din of which the like never has been heard in the Trøndish capital before or since. And when he crossed the line as the winner in 2.29,8, which was probably viewed as a rink record back then, as Sinnerud had been disqualified as a pro, the rapture would have no end.

1.Sæterhaug 2.29,8
2.Mathisen  2.31,0
3.Steen     2.34,8
4.Johansen  2.35,0
5.Monsen    2.42,0
6.Alstad    2.45,8 pb
7.Sjøvold   2.46,4


1.Mathisen   4
2.Sæterhaug  5
3.Steen     10
4.Johansen  11
5.Monsen    15

Meanwhile in Helsingfors, the Finns and Swedes concluded their cup match with a 5000m. But the Swedes fared little better than the day before.

1.Arne Schrey      9.25,4
2.Johan Vikander   9.30,0
3.Väinö Wickström  9.35,7
4.Birger Carlsson  9.37,0
5.Jean Pettersson  9.42,3 pb
6.Henrik Morén     9.43,1
7.Franz F Wathén   9.43,7
8.Harald Svensson 10.14,9

Finland 6 Sweden 15; total 18-45

5000m ooc
1.Gunnar Strömstén 9.46,8
2.Aksel Lihr       9.50,6
3.Walter Tverin    9.53,9 pb