Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

Spring races at Hamar

A hundred years ago today, Oscar Mathisen was in Hamar for the last races of his season, to secure his first share in a new cup set up by the Hamar club this year. The weather was splendid, but too mild for any excellent times. He won the 500m in the reasonably good time of 47,0.

1.Oscar Mathisen   47,0
2.Martin Sæterhaug 48,9
3.Bjarne Frang     50,6
Jacob Frang f,dnf

500m junior
1.Otto Monsen    49,4
2.Harald Monsen  50,2
3.Henning Olsen  50,3
4.Sverre Sanner  52,3
5.Hilmar Eriksen 55,4
Adolf Køltzow f,dnf

Martin Sæterhaug withdrew from the 1500m due to a knee injury he had sustained in a fall accident before the races. Thus Oscar had little opposition on the soft and unpleasant ice.

1.Mathisen 2.33,0
2.B Frang  2.43,0
3.J Frang  2.44,5

1500m junior
1.H Monsen 2.40,0
2.O Monsen 2.41,2
3.Køltzow  2.42,6
4.Olsen    2.43,4
5.Sanner   2.46,5
6.Eriksen  2.55,8

Meanwhile in Helsingfors, Johan Vikander set a new Finnish record in the 1500m at 2.29,6, the first under 2.30, jumping from 17th to 7th place in the all-time lowland list. No other times are known from this meet. If you can help, please tell.