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Still not over

A hundred years ago today the season still was not over. It appears they could skate quite as late as we do today, although their season started much later. Of course, they used the early days of the winter to train for the season proper. Of course as well, we could skate later into the spring if we wanted to.

In Helsingfors, Gunnar Strömstén won both distances, with a veterate sprinter and a new, promising talent as his only known rivals. (Please tell if you have more!) In the 5000 m, Strömstén set a new pb, improving his time from Davos. So the conditions must have been good. Though we should remember that the ice was softening in Davos during the 5000 m.

500 m
1.Gunnar Strömstén 47,2
2.Gösta Spennert   47,4
3.Väinö Wickström  48,4
5000 m
1.Strömstén 9.01,0
2.Wickström 9.47,4

In Viborg, the world record beater Vikander won all distances, equalling his new 5000 m pb from last weekend in Helsingfors, so the ice there, too, must have been good. Too bad he never skated under 20 in the 10000 m. The only foreign representative was Bljuvas from Peterburg, possibly a Balt ethnically.

500 m
1.Johan Vikander  47,2
2.Eino Vanhala    48,6
3.Antti Wiklund   50,0
4.A Saloheimo     50,4
5.Georgij Bljuvas 50,6
1500 m
1.Vikander      2.32,2
2.Wiklund       2.33,6
3.Kalle Louhala 2.36,4
4.Vanhala       2.37,2
5000 m
1.Vikander      9.17,4
2.Bljuvas       9.22,8
3.Wiklund       9.27,5
4.Arvo Kyykoski 9.29,0
5.Louhala       9.30,6
6.Vanhala       9.30,8

Here also some results seem to be missing. Please tell if you have more.

In Viborg/Viipuri, most inhabitants end their names with -ov or -ova these days I guess. And any attempt to change that is considered unconstructive.