Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

Dates 1912

A hundred years ago today, Irving Berlin copyrighted his new song “Bring Back My Lovin’ Man”.

In their polar race, Amundsen encountered land for the first time after having trekked across the Ross Barrier for 4 weeks since leaving Framheim, his home base, while Scott, having travelled since the 1st, was at 79°50'S, compared to Amundsen’s 85°, with all his ponies still intact but both of the motor sledges broken down, his team still consisting of 16 men.

The ISU announced the dates of the following season's championships. The women's figure skating World Championship was to be held in Davos on January 27-28. The World Championship in speedskating was to be held in Klagenfurt on February 3-4, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the local club. The European Championship in speed and figure skating was to be held in Stockholm on February 10-11, and the World Championship in figure skating in Manchester on February 16-17. The ice hockey European Championship was to be organised by last year’s winner Bohemia. This will be the 3rd ice hockey European Championship. The first one took place in Les Avants in Switzerland with Prince ice Hockey Club from London as the winner. The second one was arranged in Berlin 1911, won by a team from “Tschechischen Hockey-Verein”. Also, an ice-sport week in Vienna is announced for January 21-28.