Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

National champion again

In another day of calm, clear, cold weather the national championship continued a hundred years ago today at Lillehammer with the final 5000 m. Over 2500 spectators lined the track this time, close to 30% of the population. Again Oscar was paired with his brother, and skated a good, controlled race. But this time, Sæterhaug snook in between them, though his time was not uncomfortably close. The veteran (though he was 34, not 43) Kraabøl also skated a fine race, missing his pb by only a fifth of a second.

Thus Oscar Mathisen relatively easily secured his 2nd national championship and his third title of the year—the first speedskater to perform such a hat trick. He didn’t need to fight for this one, it was almost a formality for him. But it was not to the club volunteers, who rubbed their hands over the ticket money in the night.

1.O Mathisen 9.08,6
2.Sæterhaug  9.13,2
3.S Mathisen 9.16,0
4.Steen      9.16,4
5.Kraabøl    9.37,2

GOLD.Oscar Mathisen      3
Silver.Sigurd Mathisen   7
bronze.Martin Sæterhaug  9
3.Oluf Steen            11
5.Bjørn Kraabøl         15

After the 5000m the juniors skated 500 and 1500 meters (or possibly but less likely they skated one distance before and the other after). Here the Monsen brothers skated their sensational 47,4 and 47,5, suddenly jumping into the top 30 of both the world and world lowland 500m all-time list. Evidently good prospects for bringing the Hamar tradition back, those two. Sørensen only finished 3rd in this distance, but won the 1500 and the junior class overall. His 500m in 49,0 was another personal and Danish best time, causing him to jump past Thourén in Adelskalenderen, into 45th place.

500m junior
1.Otto Monsen      47,4 pb
2.Harald Monsen    47,5 pb
3.Ejnar Sørensen   49,0 pb
4.Oluf Jacobsen    50,0
5.Otto Olsen       53,0 pb
6.Gustav A Paulsen 53,3 pb
7.Trygve Sørli     54,0 pb

1.Sørensen  4
2.O Monsen  5
H Monsen    5
4.Jacobsen  6
5.Olsen    11
6.Sørli    12
7.Paulsen  13

1.Sørensen 2.37,6
2.H Monsen 2.38,0
3.Jacobsen 2.39,2
4.O Monsen 2.41,6
5.Olsen    2.54,6 pb
6.Sørli    2.56,4 pb
7.Paulsen  2.58,0 pb

1.Sørensen 5
2.H Monsen 7
3.O Monsen 9
Jacobsen   9
5.Olsen   16
6.Sørli   18
7.Paulsen 20

Meanwhile in Vaasa, the Finns were arranging their national championship, beginning with a Saturday 5000m in the traditional fashion. The season’s outstanding Finn Arne Schrey stood out again, winning with a margin of nearly 8 seconds before the sensational debutant (with no known earlier results) August von Schantz from Oulu. Doubtless a witness to Finland’s German connection, and perhaps to the unusually low level of Finnish skating this year.

1.Arne Schrey        9.21,0
2.August von Schantz 9.28,9 pb
3.Johan Vikander     9.30,8
4.Aksel Lihr         9.31,6 pb
5.Jussi Wiinikainen  9.33,1
6.Kalle Louhala      9.33,7
7.Franz F Wathén     9.38,6
8.Eino Vanhala       9.40,0
9.Arvo Kyykoski      9.41,6
10.Jussi Kahma       9.53,6 pb
11.Lauri Helanterä  10.04,0 pb
12.E Lahtinen       10.09,0
13.J Järvinen       10.10,6 pb