Oscar Mathisen
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1908 Statistics

A. Adelskalender complete (to our best knowledge) after the 1908 season:

B. World records after the 1908 season.

C. Distance statistics:

D. Lowland world records after the 1908 season:

E. Complete lowland adelskalender after the 1908 season:

F. Lowland distance statistics:

G. Uni-Koeln anno 1908:

Here are my votes. What are yours?

Best skater from:
Austria: Thomas Bohrer
Bohemia: Franz Myslbeck
Britain: Fred Dix
Canada: Fred Logan
Denmark: Ejnar Sørensen
Finland: Antti Wiklund
Germany: Alfred Lauenburg
Hungary: Desider Gyurman
Netherlands: Jac de Koning
Norway: Oscar Mathisen
Russia: Nikolaj Strunnikov
Sweden: Moje Öholm
USA: Edmund Lamy

Best male allrounder: Oscar Mathisen
Best male sprinter: Sigurd Mathisen (though Ownie Bush could probably compare)
Best female sprinter and allrounder: Mable Bohle
Best junior: Oscar Mathisen
Best hurdler: Fred Robson
Best backward skater: Russell Wheeler

Break-through of the year: Thomas Bohrer
Come-back of the year: Rudolf Gundersen
Biggest surprise: Rudolf Gundersen 46,3 in the KSK-HSK clubmatch
Biggest disappointment: Franz F Wathén
Most unlucky skater: Hennie J Kalt, probably a pretty good skater judging by his 1907 results on soft Dutch ice. But in Davos he first fell in the 500 m and then had to cope with soft Davos ice in an early 5000 m pair. He pulled out of day 2.
Wednesday skater: Martin Sæterhaug
Most feared farewell: Franz Schilling, the always helpful veteran

Best coach: ---open
Best team: ---even more open
Best event: WCh Davos
Duel of the year: Öholm and Bohrer 5000 m Klagenfurt
Best race: Oscar Mathisen 2.20,8
Best venue: Davos Eisstadion
Scandal of the year: At the Frogner international races on Feb 29-Mar 1, Mathisen and Öholm were equal on points, but Mathisen was given the first prize. Perhaps this was right, as he won 2 out of the 3 distances. But I am not sure. Rudolf Gundersen must feel a little uneasy that Vikander and S.Mathisen were given so many chances to beat his record. But the new record wasn’t approved until many years after

Skater of the year: Oscar Mathisen