Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

Conclusion in Trondhjem

A hundred years ago today, the Trønders were enjoying the national races, though they missed Oscar Mathisen, the sensational new world champion, who rested for the weekend. A handful of other KSK skaters were entered, though, and two of them, Magnus Johansen and Sigurd Mathisen, Oscars brother and fellow Davos traveller, were in the lead after day one.

Sigurd had beaten the world record in the 500 m in Davos, though it was doubtful whether the record would be recognised. Still the crowd murmurs were a little louder as he was announced for the start of today’s first distance. And he did not disappoint. 49,6 was a strong time in today’s conditions, and he left his (probable) pairmate Johansen well behind. However in a later (or earlier, who knows?) pair, the home favourite Sæterhaug started (probably) against his clubmate Røst, and clocked 49,2, inspiring loud cheers from the Trønders attending. These times were not matched by others although Røhne (in whose shop I have been shopping), paired (probably) with Torgersen, came near with 49,8.


1.Sæterhaug 49,2
2.Mathisen 49,6
3.Røhne 49,8
4.Røst 51,0
5.F Hansen 51,4
6.Johansen 52,2
7.Jacobsen 52,4
8.Andersen 52,8
I don’t know the times of Torgersen and Stoppenbrink. And possibly others. Can anybody help? Could be that they didn’t start, but they did start in the 1500 m—however, this is no guarantee.

Overall (supposing Torgersen is 9th and Stoppenbrink 10th):
1.Mathisen & Sæterhaug 4
3.Johansen 7
4.Røst 8
5.Røhne 9
6.Torgersen 14
7.Jacobsen 15
8.F Hansen 16
9.Stoppenbrink & Andersen 17

The outstanding pair of the 1500 m, which proceeded under conditions no more favourable than the 500 and possibly a little worse, was the one between Mathisen and Sæterhaug for the overall win. Best time among the other skaters was that of Røst, 2.44,4. But these two proceeded with sub-40 laps (if the rink size was 400 m by then—I think it was), and eventually the famous Trøndish energy prevailed for Sæterhaug, who finished in 2.37,2, with Sigurd one and three fifths behind. Results:

1.Sæterhaug 2.37,2
2.Mathisen 2.38,8
3.Røst 2.44,4
4.Røhne 2.46,8
5.Johansen 2.47,8
6.Torgersen 2.50,2
7.Jacobsen 2.51,0
8.Stoppenbrink 2.54,0
Here I miss the times of Andersen and Frithjof Hansen, and possibly others. Can anybody help?

Assuming Andersen and Hansen did not start, the final standings are:

1.Martin Sæterhaug.TSK 5
2.Sigurd Mathisen.KSK 6
3.John Røst.TSK 11
3.Magnus Johansen.KSK 11
5.Rudolf Røhne.KSK 13
6.Thorleif Torgersen.DIF 18
7.Oluf Jacobsen.TSK 21
8.Wictor Stoppenbrink.TSK 23


Meanwhile in Stockholm, the national races continued as Alexis Ekström won the 1500 m in 3.05,0 and the 10000 m in 23.08,0 ahead of Olof Hofstedt’s 24.08,4. These are all the Sunday times I have from the meet. Thankful for all additions.

At the Hamar SK club races on the same Sunday, Otto Monsen won the >18 ageclass with 58,8 and 3.14,2 ahead of Sigurd Svendsen 59,5 - 3.14,6 and Harald Monsen 62,4 - 3.21,2. The 15-18 ageclass was won by Hilmar Eriksen in 3.24,6 ahead of Fredrik Jensen 3.25,0 and Sigurd Jensen 3.30,0, and the <15 class by Lars Larsen 3.38,0 ahead of Nils Nilsen 3.47,0 (nice names) and Albert Johansen 3.57,2.

At Frogner under apparentlty better conditions, the young and promising Trygve Lundgreen won a 1500 m in 2.44,6 ahead of Johan Sætren 2.47,0 and Trygve Aulie 2.47,4 in a KSK club race.

Vestfold regional gymnastics authority arranged a national race on byfjorden in tønsberg the same sunday, where torgersen’s drammens if clubmate einar røgeberg won the >20 ageclass in 50,5 - 2.48,6 - 10.03,2 ahead of Theodor Henriksen of IF Uræd, Porsgrund 55,2 - 2.47,4 - 10.08,8, with Karl Andresen of Uræd skating 55,9 and Elias Eliassen of Tønsberg Turnforening 2.54,2 and 10.05,6. In the 16-20 class Hans Olsen of TT won the 500 m in 55,8 ahead of Einar Berntsen.TT 59,6 and Erling Bruun of IF Odd, Skien 62,2, while Yngvar Jacobsen.TT won the 1500 m in 2.58,6 ahead of Olsen’s 3.03,2. In the <16 class, Gustav Thingsten.Uræd won a 500 m in 61,4 ahead of Sig. Bergan.TT 64,8. A lot of times are missing from this meet as well, and if you could provide some, it would be extra helpful.