Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

A 100 years ago, Oscar Mathisen thought he had a busy enough season. But there were those that wouldn’t mind if it were busier.

So far, meets with top national participation had been limited to the traditional skating metropols Hamar, Trondhjem and Kristiania, with Drammen as a little off-shoot of the latter. The others simply didn’t have the facilities, experience, competence, or culture needed to arrange such big ones. But they had heard the tales of them and maybe even witnessed the sums of money moving through the hands of the people who arranged them. Clearly it could not go on like this. The national championship at Lillehammer last year was a milestone in itself. Now, the Telemarkings, who already claimed the origin of skiing, had decided that it was their turn to profit from skating and the money machine named Oscar Mathisen.

And the meet at Børsesjøen at Skien these two February days really was a big one. All the best Norwegians were there, and they even had an international addition in the shape of the Dane Sørensen. Gathering all these skaters from Trondhjem, Kristiania, Hamar and whatnot must have been a challenge indeed. The key seems to have been to arrange a winter sport week. Lillehammer did it when they applied for the national championship last year, and now, Idrætsforeningen Odd, already the oldest existing sport club in Norway, had sent out invitations to their winter week on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. The weather however had been unstable in Skien like so many other places this winter, and the arrangement seemed to be at risk, but “Odderane” rose to the occasion as was their wont. The club chairman and several members of the board pulled the water wagon themselves during the long hours of the night, rescuing the event.

It was a splendid day when the skaters went out to Børsesjøen, and when they reached the top of the Frogner hills, they got a view of the lake and the shining track with flags waving all around, an unforgettable sight according to Oscar himself. The crowd was massive. All of Grenland seemed to be on their feet, and the club had given free tickets to the school children of the district.

Soon the skating started, and in the 500 m, the ice yet was fine and smooth, if not exactly comparable to the Frogner Stadium in Kristiania. Later, the mild weather took its toll. Still the juniors set a few pbs, especially in the 5000m, where they had one of their rare occasions to skate the distance. Here are the times:

Wednesday: 500m senior
1.Oscar Mathisen   47.1
2.Sigurd Mathisen  48.0
3.Martin Sæterhaug 48.1
4.Oluf Steen       48.8
5.Bjarne Frang     49.7
6.Magnus Johansen  49.8
7.Otto Monsen      49.9
8.Jacob Frang      50.1
9.Ejnar Sørensen   51.6

500m junior
1.Johannes Fladaas          52.0
2.Oluf Jacobsen og
Arne Gulbrandsen            52.1
4.Thoralf Thoresen og 
Reidar Gundersen            52.3
6.Trygve Aulie              52.8
7.Stener Johannessen        53.0
8.Sigurd Halvorsen          53.8
9.Tostrup Rødseth           53.9 pb
Ludvig Engebretsen          53.9
11.Einar Mathiesen          54.1
12.Bjarne Lie               54.4
13.Johan Schau              54.6
14.Erling Bruun             55.9
15.Realf Helgesen           56.0
16.Ingolf Pedersen          57.1
17.Ragnvald Mathiesen       58.0
18.Jacob Aasland            58.9
19.Sigurd Theiste Gundersen 60.4 pb
20.Gustav Thingsten         61.1
21.Otto Aulie               63.9
Einar Staff                 f,dnf

1500m senior
1.O Mathisen  2.36.8
2.Sæterhaug   2.41.9
3.Johansen    2.44.8
4.S Mathisen  2.46.0
5.Steen       2.46.8
6.J Frang     2.50.6
7.Olaf Hansen 2.50.8
8.B Frang     2.51.1
9.Monsen      2.52.0
10.Særensen   2.53.0

1500m junior
1.Engebretsen    2.43.2
2.Johannessen    2.43.3
3.Jacobsen       2.47.6
4.Gulbrandsen    2.50.6
5.Staff          2.52.2
6.Schau          2.52.6
7.T Aulie        2.53.0
8.R Gundersen    2.55.2
9.E Mathiesen    2.56.2
10.Halvorsen     2.56.9 pb
11.Rødseth       2.58.2 pb
12.Lie           2.59.4
13.Pedersen      2.59.8
14.Thoresen      3.00.8
Jensen           3.00.8 pb
16.Fladaas       3.02.0
17.Helgesen      3.03.8
18.Bruun         3.03.9
19.S T Gundersen 3.13.2
20.Thingsten     3.13.9

Thursday: 5000m senior
1.O Mathisen  9.25.4
2.Johansen    9.33.0
3.Sæterhaug   9.39.4
4.Steen       9.46.1
5.Hansen      9.55.0
6.Sørensen    9.59.9
7.J Frang    10.01.5
8.S Mathisen 10.17.8f

1.O Mathisen  3
2.Sæterhaug   8
3.Johansen   10
4.Steen og
S Mathisen   13
6.J Frang    18
7.Sørensen   19

5000m junior
1.Johannessen  10.01.6 pb
2.Jacobsen     10.07.0
3.Gulbrandsen  10.15.9 pb
4.Engebretsen  10.16.0
5.Fladaas      10.21.1 pb
6.Staff        10.27.1
7.Schau        10.27.6
8.Thoresen     10.28.2 pb
9.T Aulie      10.33.0
10.R Gundersen 10.33.4
11.Halvorsen   10.33.8
12.Bruun       10.49.8
13.Pedersen    11,06.8
14.E Mathiesen 11.07.8 pb
15.Rødseth     11.13.6 pb
16.Helgesen    11.21.0 pb
17.Jensen      11.25.8