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The Oscar Mathisen diary

Oscar MathisenOscar Mathisen is arguably the greatest skater in the living history of mankind. At least to me, there is no doubt about it. With the help of my friends Preben Gorud Petersen, who has provided results, and Dirk Broer, who has provided news stories in more detail than have usually been known before, I have tried to follow the career and life of Oscar “as they happened” a hundred years ago. Watch history unfold day by day, and look out for interesting insights in the life and sport of this fascinating period.

Oscar Mathisen: Mitt livs løp
Norsk Idrætsblad
Deutsche Wintersport - thanks to Dirk Broer
Pester Lloyd - thanks to Dirk Broer
WSSSA results database - thanks to Preben Gorud Petersen

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