Skøyter - Oscar Mathisen-dagboka

New challenges in Trondhjem

Already at the tender age of 20, Oscar Mathisen had received the epithet “Skating King”. He had won every meet this season, but he was not thought of as invincible yet, and there were those who fancied their chances to tilt him off of that throne. Prominent among them were the Trønders, and they had made good PR for the meet in Trondhjem this weekend a hundred years ago with their fine efforts in Kristiania and at Hamar. Sæterhaug’ close battle with Oscar at the latter venue in the 1500m had excited the locals especially, and in the beautiful weather, 5000 of them stood by to watch and cheer the national meet. They got something to cheer for already in the 5000m, when Sæterhaug skated a good race and split the visiting Kristiania duo.

1.Oscar Mathisen   9.15,4
2.Martin Sæterhaug 9.18,6
3.Magnus Johansen  9.20,6
4.Oluf Steen       9.24,6
5.Harald Monsen    9.54,2
6.Oluf Jacobsen    9.59,4
7.H Alstad        10.14,6 pb

Meanwhile in Helsingfors, the Finns and Swedes were having a cup match of their own. The first day saw the Swedes incurring a large deficit, largely due to the absence of their best skaters.

1.Arne Schrey     48,2
Johan Vikander    48,2
3.Väinö Wickström 48,6
4.Franz F Wathén  48,8
5.Jean Pettersson 50,0 lpb
6.Birger Carlsson 50,2 pb
Harald Svensson   50,2 pb
Henrik Morén dns

Finland 6 Sweden 15

500m ooc
1.E Lahtinen       48,0
2.Gunnar Strömstén 48,6
3.Walter Tverin    48,8 pb
4.Aksel Lihr       49,0

1.Schrey     2.32,2
2.Vikander   2.35,2
3.Wathén     2.38,0
4.Carlsson   2.38,4 
5.Pettersson 2.40,6
Wickström    2.40,6
7.Morén      2.45,8 pb
8.Svensson   2.49,3

Finland 6 Sweden 15; total 12-30

1500m ooc
1.Lihr      2.36,0 pb
2.Tverin    2.39,0 pb
3.Strömstén 2.40,8
4.Lahtinen  2.42,6