Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary


A hundred years today, Adolph Költzow set fine new pbs in junior races at Frogner: 48,0 and 2.34,2, looking set to become the country’s next skating hero. In the senior class, the 20 years old Trygve Lundgreen set a fine new pb in 9.23,2, formerly 10.06,4, looking like a good prospect, too.

This Adolph Költzow is registered with birthdate 1866 in “Norsk Skøytestatistikk Gjennom Tidene 1999”, but that seems to be the birthdate of his father, named Ad Køltzow in the census, who may have been a famous cycling pioneer of the 1880s according to: historier.no.

The census lists Adolph Køltzow with birth year 1891. It is possible that the cyclist may have taken up skating at a mature age (no known results before 1909), but I think this is much more likely his 17-18 years old son.