Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

A 100 years ago today the Trøndish weather was very much nicer than the day before, and the last day of the races for the national championship of Norway was a perfect day out for all the thousands that came to see the wonder boy of the nation. Any contest for the championship itself was out of the question already, and today Oscar himself put all questions aside by beating both his pairmates by close to 50 meters. The times were excellent, both of them even closer to his lowland best times than the weekend before, and both new rink records. Sinnerud's 1500 time finally eclipsed. The applause was overwhelming; Oscar now clearly was the darling of the Trønders, too.

Thus the defense of the first of his three titles was concluded in a convincing fashion. Stronger than ever, as it seemed, how could anyone hope to challenge him now?


1.Oscar Mathisen   45.8rr
2.Martin Sæterhaug 47.0
3.Bjarne Frang     47.6
4.Magnus Johansen
Adolph Költzow     49.0
6.Trygve Lundgreen 49.6
7.Johannes Fladaas 50.6
8.Ivar Fyhn        54.0pb
1.Oscar Mathisen   2.26.6rr
2.Martin Sæterhaug 2.31.0
3.Magnus Johansen  2.33.0
4.Trygve Lundgreen 2.34.8
5.Adolph Költzow   2.35.8
6.Bjarne Frang     2.36.0
7.Johannes Fladaas 2.46.8
8.Ivar Fyhn        2.49.8pb
1.Oscar Mathisen   3
2.Martin Sæterhaug 7
3.Magnus Johansen  8.5
4.Adolph Költzow   12.5
5.Trygve Lundgreen 14
6.Ivar Fyhn        18

Meanwhile back in Kristiania, Oscar's semi-namesake, the 12 years old Oskar Olsen had made himself unusually busy this Sunday. Not only did he win the 500m of the youngest class at Bislett with a new pb at 57,8, he won the same distance in the 12-14 years class at Frogner, too, and with a very similar time, 58,0. Hardly impossible of course, if the meet schedules could be synchronised (or desynchronised) somewhat, but of course some mix-up with the dates may be viewed as a possibility here.