Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary


Oscar MathisenA hundred years ago today, Oscar Mathisen was considering his chances for a ticket abroad to Klagenfurt and Davos, where the European and World Championships, respectively, were to be arranged. If he were to go, it would be his first, as his international championship debut and his only international championship experience so far was last year’s World Championship in Trondhjem.

Three days ago, Martin Sæterhaug of Trondhjem had won the national championships at Frogner, and he was already selected. “Norges Idrætsblad”, the Norwegian sport news magazine in their coverage of the championship proposed to send the other two medallists as well, Oscar Mathisen and his brother Sigurd, but apparently the federation couldn’t afford the tickets. So evidently the Trønder was going to be Norway’s sole representative at those middle European venues.