Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary

Frère Jacques

A hundred years ago today the skating season opened in Trondhjem with a Sunday meet under excellent conditions with personal bests in nearly every single race and mostly quite radical improvements. In the 500m, no-one skated below 50 seconds, but surprisingly many came very close.

1.Ivar Fyhn       50,0 pb
Alf Paulsen       50,0 pb
Einar Hansen      50,0 pb
Jacob Sæterhaug   50,0 pb
5.Olaf Rustad     50,6 pb
Leif O Sættem     50,6 pb
7.Johannes Fyhn   50,8 pb
8.Johan Sæterhaug 51,4 pb
9.Karl Gilberg    52,2 pb
10.O Eidem        55,0 pb

In the 5000m the established elite skater Martin Sæterhaug finished in 9.24,0, a fine time for a season opener. But his little brother Jacob surprised all by beating it and clocking 9.16,2, more than half a minute below his personal best. All of a sudden he was an elite skater, too. Only 50 skaters in the world had ever beaten his time. The world had seen a new Sæterhaug. But what about his teeth? Did he have teeth the same as his big brother?

1.Jacob Sæterhaug   9.16,2 pb
2.Martin Sæterhaug  9.24,0
3.Johan Sæterhaug   9.40,0 pb
4.Olaf Rustad       9.47,2 pb
5.Leif O Sættem     9.47,8 pb
6.Ivar Fyhn         9.56,2 pb
7.Johannes Fyhn    10.08,2 pb
8.Alf Paulsen      10.10,2 pb
9.Karl Gilberg     10.14,8 pb
10.O Eiem          10.27,0 pb
Einar Hansen brutt

The meet finished with a handicap race over 2000m, won by Rustad, starting at 120m, with a time of 3.18,4.