Oscar Mathisen
Speedskating - Oscar Diary


A hundred years ago today, the 2nd French championship was held in Chamonix, this time also with female participation—perhaps the first ever women’s national championship in Europe. Here, Mademoiselle Naudin skated her famous 95,0 and 7.47,0 in the 500 and 2000 meters, while the men’s class was won by Charles Sabouret, the later Olympic participant, in 61,0 and 10.20,0. Naudin’s 500 m time was good enough for an all-time 3rd place in the women’s 500 m statistics.

Also today, the preparations for the European Championship in Budapest went under way with the first day of the Hungarian Championship, where the best Hungarians Mannó, Wampetics, Gyurmán and Schick met to decide who would skate in the European Championship. Surprisingly the first distance was won by Imre Wampetics in 48,9, who improved his pb by a whole second and relegated the seasoned sprinter Mannó to second place in 49,2. But Mannó did take the 1500 m in 2.50,2, where Wampetics had 2.51,4 in second place.