Modern Urianian phonology

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Modern standard Urianian has the following phoneme inventory:

Vowels, long and short: ɜ e a o ə
Diphthongs: ai ɜi ɛi əi oi
Glides: l m n r
Sibilants: s þ f v ç ʝ
Stops: b d g p t k

In the standard writing system the glides and stops are written straightforward as above. All stops are unaspirated. The vowels are written e i a o u, the diphthongs ai ei y ui oi, and the sibilants s z f v c j, all in the above order. When preceded by a front vowel, the ɛ of the y diphthong is shifted somewhat to the back for contrast. This is marked in writing by inserting an a in front of the y, such as for example in the perfect endings.

The Latin alphabet as taught in Urianian schools contains these 23 letters: a b c d e f g i j k l m n o p r s t u v x y z. The x denotes the sequence k + s. Of course, provisions are made for writing foreign words with such letters as h, q, w, æ, ø, å, ä, ö, etc.