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Tubenian is the language spoken by the people who have given us the Tubenian king list. The culture is classified as paleolithic, but in fact both copper and gold artifacts have been found, and both these and the stone artifacts show a surprising level of accomplishment. Among the latter are many symbol stones which may have been some form of writing. The length of the king list if it is to be taken seriously indicates that the Tubenian culture persisted for a long time, possibly as much as a millennium. Attempts to date the artifacts have been made, but are beset with difficulties and so far don’t seem to give us any believable values.

The names of the king list are traditionally split into 19 dynasties, and show some evidence of evolving through all these centuries. Likewise the symbol stones show some evolution, developing a great complexity in the middle phase and then simplifying again, becoming more stylised. Since the names have come down to us via Amhanara, Suraetua and the various stages of Urianian, they have no doubt undergone several changes under way. Nevertheless it may be possible to reconstruct them, and these pages constitute one such attempt. Note however that it is experimental and cannot be viewed as final in any way.


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