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Welcome to Uriania!

Yes, we know that ours isn’t the first country you’d think of travelling to, and perhaps that’s mainly because you haven’t even heard about us in the first place. Begging your indulgence for just a few seconds we are hoping to adjust this defect a little and provide you with enough information to help you develop a healthy little wish for visiting our friendly island kingd... I mean republic in the hopefully very near future. Come and see our waving fertile fields in the south and west, the tall mountains of the east and south, the wild coast of the northwest, the famous coppermines and Bunty ruins; try island-hopping in the shallow waters of the southeast; taste urban life in Southend, Borg and Urduk, dance to modern rhythms in downtown clubs or join the traditional music scene at the frequent folk ceilidhs and festivals! The local cuisine is not to be ignored either, and we even have sunny beaches, should a stray anticyclone happen to pass our way some happy day.

Then, in shorts, do the Urianian experience!

How to get there

Well, basically the international airports of Southend and Borg are often the first bits of our lovely country that foreign visitors tread under their feet, but in addition, surface transport is available on the daily ferries between Aberdeen and Southend, Bergen and Lundeby and less frequent routes including the coastal cities of Wickford, Kongelv, Urduk, Jurian and other fancy foreign destinations such as Trondheim, Stavanger, Harlingen, Kirkwall, Inverness and Dublin.

If however you find yourself unable to reach us in your own physical person right now, there is always the opportunity to take the virtual guided tour of our beautiful island republic here, without any cost to your wallet or blemish on your moral standing whatever. Happy touring!

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