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The Urianian paleolithic must have been rich, as numerous artifacts of surprisingly complex construction and accomplishment have been dated to this epoch, amongst them a series of stones, tablets and other pieces covered with symbols that may have been some kind of pictographic writing. Using a legendary name we refer to this culture as the Tubenian culture.

No reliable records of this epoch exist of course, but we have the legendary king and queen lists that must go back to this time and even beyond if we are to take their dates seriously. In the list below, it's not known why some names are numbered and others not. Perhaps only the numbered ones are true kings. Here is the list the way it has been passed down to us:

Pre-dynastic: Tuben, Retog, Madag, Leyej, Akov, Deko, Maghit, Ami, Mali, Higi.

1st dynasty: Turmi I, Agia I

2nd dynasty: Somoi I, Keto I, Aboj I, Tarboj I, Nati I, Turmi II, Asni I, Sota I, Manis, Keto II, Nati II, Kaia I, Sarti I, Seno I, Arti I, Turmi III, Atan I, Turmi IV, Seno II.

3rd dynasty: Akit I, Meno I, Manis II, Keto III, Tahan I, Keto IV, Ato I, Keto V, Atlo I.

4th dynasty: Kotuk I, Aktan I.

5th dynasty: Atlo II, Atlan I, Atlo III, Mankogi I, Atlo IV, Tubi I, Hango I, Atlan II, Atlo IV, Tili I, Haga I, Hep I, Isli I, Ento I, Atlan III, Atlo VI, Atlan IV, Kamu I, Deko I, Atlo VII, Turmi IV, Neto I, Ataj, Semko I, Atlo VIII, Menon I, Tika I, Menon II, Seno III, Tarboj II, Veno I, Sato, Veni I.

6rh dynasty: Turmi V, Turmi VI, Turmi VII, Reti I, Menon III, Turmi VIII, Atlan V, Tubi II, Eto I, Sati, Garé, Atlan VI, Ilmo I.

7rh dynasty: Keto VI, Mankogi II, Eto II, Sheti I, Keto VII, Atlo IX, Atlo X, Seno IV, Atlan VII.

8th dynasty: Iston I, Jani I, Atlo XI, Menon IV, Ketojo I, Saston, Iston, Seno IV, Atlo, Irgot, Ketojo, Turmi, Krito I, Atlo, Kritan, Kasi, Atlan, Atlan VII, Soni, Seno V, Irton, Keto VII, Sati I, Himuno,

9th dynasty: Atlan, Meno II, Iston II, Iston III, Iston IV, Atlo XII, Turmi IX, Iston, Atlan, Ketojo II, Geti, Keto VIII, Atlo XIII, Tubi, Tubi III, Keto IX, Keto, Atlan IX, Turmi, Menom, Haga II, Menon, Seno, Atlo, Keto, Atlan X, Seno, Atlo.

10th dynasty: Eto IV, Meno III, Sheti II, Akit II, Neto II, Deko II.

11th dynasty: Agas I, Knigo I, Loskas, Atlo XV, Atlan XI, Hesko, Eto, Kisto, Akit III, Nesia, Atlan, Iston V, Hanso I, Egino, Tino, Eto, Ektan, Resko I, Ratma, Akto I, Seno VI, Turman I, Turmi X, Gant I, Atlan XII, Atlan, Seno VII, Turman II, Rano I, Meno, Menon, Atlo, Kito, Asto, Keto, Asmon, TGykas I, Agas, Kista, Atlo XVI, Iston, Atlan XIII, Agas, Eto V, Atlan, Tika II, Hango, Turmi, Seno, Meno, Ataj, Turmi XI, Keto, Menon, Eto VI, Meno, Ketojo, Turmi, Turman, Atlan XIV, Keto, Krito, Atlo, Manis, Sheti, Turman III, Turman, Atlo XVII, Sheti III, Cuti, Tino I, Ketojo III, Turman, Meno, Ketojo, Keto, Atlo, Meno, Ektan, Atlo XVIII, Tubi, Atlo, Turmi, Keto, Ketojo IV, Eto, Menon, Eto VII, Himuno, Ilmo, Sheti, Mankogi, Ataj I, Meno IV, Keto, Kritan, Armon I, Saston II, Seno.

12th dynasti: Menon VI, Menon, Meno IV, Turmi, Saston, Meno, Atlan, Atlan XV, Meno, Akov, Ektan, Deko III, Kisto, Turmi, Ioskas, Ketojo V, Keto, Atlan, Seno VIII, Ataj, Agas, Kritan, Keto X, Turmi XII, Ilmo, Seno, Ketojo VI, Meno V, Atlo XIX, Saston, Ketojo, Manis, Atlo, Turmi, Turmi, Atlo, Tubi, Atlan, Meno VI.

13th dynasti: Osem I, Atlo, Atlan, Kenon I, Eto, Ilmo, Arton, Meno VII, Manis III, Eston, Menon, Saston, Atlo, Heston, Mermon I, Saston, Arton, Seno IX, Saston, Menon, Senan, Ektan I, Meston I, Ilmo II, Atlo, Dito, Atlan, Meno, Hesto, Ektan, Turmi XIII, Ilmo, Atlo, Turman IV, Ilmo III, Atlan, Eto VIII, Keto X, Rano, Meno VIII, Turman V, Eto IX, Meno IX, Ketojo VI.

14th dynasty: Ektan, Turmi, Atlan, Eto X, Tubi, Kritan, Iston VI, Meno, Ketojo, Ilmi, Atlan, Seno X, Turmi, Meno, Tili, Ketojo, Reti, Tubi, Deko IV, Iston, Ilmo IV, Deko, Ektan II, Atlo XX, Rano, Meno, Manis, Hesto, Ilmo, Atlan, Arton I, Atlo, Arlas, Deko, Eto XI, Marton I, Netis, Ilmo, Neto, Atlo, Rano, Isto, Peno, Manis, Irdo, Eto, Hitis, Masu, Meto, Atro, Ilmo.

15th dynasty: Estos I, Erto I, Antis, Paran, Reton, Meno X, Seno, Ason, Resto I, Almis, Meno, Eton, Leto I, Menon, Ilmo V, Seno XI, Mino, Rato I, Marton, Ilmo VI, Deko, Meno, Atlon, Asman I, Eton I, Atlo, Rano I, Atlo, Erton, Arton II, Meno, Mesis, Ason, Turman VI, Eton, Raston, Myno I, Leto, Rato, Atlo, Atlan, Atlis, Menon, Rano, Marton, Arton III, Atlon, Atlis, Myno, Eto, Ilmo, Kito, Manis, Himuno, Doku, Hestis, Etron, Eto, Atlo, Keto, Artas I, Aston.

16th dynasty: Arton IV, Spidon, Meno VI, Atlo, Deko, Marton II, Aston, Atlo XXI.

17th dynasty: Armis I.

18th dynasty: Saron I, Ilmo, Seno, Keni, Manis, Meno, Himuno, Seno, Seno, Eto XII, Seno XII, Saron II, Atlo XXII, Meno.

19th dynasty: Iston VII, Meno, Saston III, Kreton I, Madgo, Aston, Iston, Marton, Seno XIII, Saston.