Speedskating - Olympic statistics

Some 1000 m stats:


World record:
Shani Davis, Salt Lake City, Mar 7, 2009
16,67 - 41,18 - 1.06,42

Lowland record:
Shani Davis, Milwaukee, Nov 26, 2005
16,90 - 42,22 - 1.08,33

Olympic record:
Gerard van Velde, Salt Lake City, Feb 16, 2002
16,33 - 41,00 - 1.07,18

Rink record:
Trevor Marsicano, Mar 13, 2009
17,10 - 42,60 - 1.08,96

Season best:
Shani Davis, Salt Lake City, Dec 13
16,85 - 41,35 - 1.06,67

Lowland season best:
Shani Davis, Heerenveen, Nov 30
17,03 - 42,19 - 1.08,48


Best nation:
USA with 4 golds, Peter Mueller at 1.19,32 in 1976, Eric Heiden at 1.15,18 in 1980, Dan Jansen, 1.12,43 in 1994, and Shani Davis, 1.08,89 in 2006. The Netherlands have 2, Canada, the USSR and Germany 1 each.

Best individual skater:
No-one has more than one gold, but Gaetan Boucher, who won in 1984, has one silver as well from 1980. Davis is expected to top this in 2010.

Biggest win:
Eric Heiden in Lake Placid 1980, exactly one and a half second ahead of Boucher...

Narrowest win:
Olaf Zinke won by the slimmest possible margin in Albertville 1992 in 1.14,85, just 1/100 ahead of Yoon-Man Kim. Margins were very narrow at that competition. #4, Gerard van Velde, was only 8/100 from the gold he eventually won 10 years later, and #6, the great Igor Zhelezovski, only 2/10!

Most surprising win:
This one’s Olaf Zinke’s as well. He was regarded as a somewhat passé allrounder who had switched to sprint because he couldn’t cope with the longer distances anymore. The Belarussian Zhelezovski, competing for the ’Commonwealth of Independant States’ team composed of the remnants of the Soviet Union, was top favourite. He was (then) four times sprint world champion, and the 1000 m was his mightiest weapon, he had made some overwhelming victories in the distance. Any resistanse was thought possible only from Jansen, Mey, Toshiyuki Kuroiwa or even the other Belarussian, Aleksandr Klimov. But the combined team had made a disastrous altitude training experiment and were totally out of shape. Zhelezovski did beat all the other favourites, but was only #6!! The winner Zinke was known mostly for his 500 m win in the EC allround 1989. He has a single world cup win at 1000 m in 1990, but in the Olympic season, his best positions were a 5th and two 7th places. The other medallists were virtual unknowns as well. Yukinori Miyabe was his country’s secret weapon, making his international debut at these games, and Kim and van Velde had only a few modest efforts in world cups to their names.

Anyhow, I wish everyone a happy 1000 m!