Speedskating - Country histories

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Main source: Skøytenytt, Marnix Koolhaas.

Has ice. Needs skaters.

Conditions for skating exist in the countries where Armenians have lived, yet they have contributed very little to the history of speedskating. The only results we have from them are some rather moderate times from the very populous USSR single distance championships in Sverdlovsk (Jekaterinburg), 1962. In fact the most notable Armenian contribution to speedskating history is the rink the Soviets built in Tsahkadzor in the Kotjak region. The altitude is 1956 meters and some pretty good times were skated there around 1970, most notably the world record beating performance of Vera Krasnova at 44,4 on Feb. 22, 1969. However, USA-based Timothy Demerjian, with a dual passport, has indicated some interest in representing the country of his fathers and promoting Armenian speedskating. Times will tell what will come out of it.

Armenian records (as at Oct 2008):

Boskan Boian 51.6 Jekaterinburg 5 Mar 1962
Jura Kasarian 2.44.4 Jekaterinburg 7 Mar 1962
Jura Kasarian 9.58.4 Jekaterinburg 6 Mar 1962
Vard Karsilian 21.21.4 Jekaterinburg 8 Mar 1962

Galina Bazajeva 64.6 Jekaterinburg 4 Mar 1962
Galina Bazajeva 3.45.3 Jekaterinburg 6 Mar 1962