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Translations of every kind and the highest quality - yes, I make a point of this 'every kind'-business, because I believe versatility is my biggest advantage as a translator. I translate both fiction and technical prose, unlike most of my colleagues, who specialise in one or the other. Specialising has its uses, but I've always been a fan of allrounders, and I'm convinced that often it can be more helpful to let one field benefit from experiences gained in another. Fiction demands better fluency than technical prose, and when I do a novel I can't help noticing what an exercise it is for my fluency. Why shouldn't technical prose be as fluent? On the other hand this technical prose demands more technical knowledge and often precision than a fictional text, and likewise I don't see how a little more precision and technical knowledge could harm my fiction translations. Wanna see what I can cook up with this strategy of mine? Just click
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