Name: Lars Einar Finsen. Born March 31st, 1955 at Austad fødehjem, Drammen.

Address: Redal nedre, 6817 Naustdal, Norway

Phone. +47 578 18175


Housemate: Klumpen, black/white Norwegian bastard cat.

University of Oslo: Cand. Mag. nuclear chemistry, courses in biochemistry, astronomy, geology, computer science, history, classical archaeology, phonetics and linguistics.
Various other courses from other institutions, software courses such as UNIX, databases, system building, other courses such as flying theory, watercolour painting, cartooning, comics authoring, art of writing etc.

computer programmer, mostly in Fortran, Institutt for Energiteknikk, Kjeller, 1983-85 and Fabritius AS, 1985-88, translator from 1994, otherwise various temporary jobs, journalism, opinion polling, nightwatchman, gardening, call centre, etc.

My own translation agency Ortygia from 1995, employing mainly myself. Why Ortygia? Here are some Ortygia links:

Here’s my Proz page:

NFFO member

My linguistic blog (mostly in Norwegian):

Capacity: Usually 3000 words/day, can be extended to 6000 for short periods.

Other particulars: Meticulous on detail and fact as well as taking great care to formulate well in the target language, I’ve heard it’s a rare combination. Methodically striving to find the author’s intention and thus the best possible interpretation in the target language.

Oil reservoar modelling system, reservoir map digitalizing and storage parts.
Business catalog database development for S.M.Bryde A/S.
System for automatically generating and producing prefilled football and numbers betting coupons for Norsk Tipping A/S.

Comics English-Norwegian, mostly íNam
H.G. Wells: “War of the Worlds”
Henry Beard and Douglas C. Kenney: “Bored of the Rings”
Simon Cox: “Cracking the Da Vinci Code” and “Illuminating Angels and Demons”
Dean Koontz: “Frankenstein”

Several books about Conan of Cimmeria, two books accompanying the Star Wars movie The Phantom Menace.

French-Norwegian: comics, notably Blueberry, Thorgal, Bruce J. Hawker, Red Kelly, two Junior Woodchucks books.

Swedish-Norwegian: “Comics – serierna 100 år” by Sture Hegerfors and Lasse Åberg.

German-Norwegian: Booklet on Morris, the creator of Lucky Luke.

Self-employed since 1995 with technical translation, proofreading and editing for various agencies and publishers:
Patent applications, MSDSs, SPCs, manuals, websites, software localisation, commercials, business letters, games etc.

Expertise: chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, medical, petrotechnical, general technical, linguistic, historical, archaeological, general scientific

Languages: English, Swedish, French, Danish and German into Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk.

Tools: 1 Asus from 2014 on Windows 8, 1 Apple MacBook Pro on Mavericks from 2013, Office 2010 for Windows, 2011 for Mac, Wordfast 3 for Mac, Memoq 6.2 for Windows. Brother A3 scanner/printer.